SPZero76 is an illustrator and street artist based in Bristol, UK.

SPZero76 has got a BA Honours in Illustration, from the University of the West of England and he has now been working steadily as a freelancer for over three years. He has a varied portfolio, which includes magazine art, wall art, album covers, flyers, computer game art, corporate illustration, children’s trading cards and t-shirt designs.

SPZero76 also produces wall/live art for businesses, festivals and club nights including Secret Wars. He has also been involved in many successful exhibitions at numerous different galleries throughout Europe, including exhibitions by the Cretin collective that he is a member of alongside Loch Ness, Paul Monsters, Dom W and Bill Giles.

He is also in the Lost Souls street art collective alongside Squirl, Captain Kris and Si Mitchell who paint in London on a regular basis alongside Global Street Art.

He has been involved in many projects including The Wow! Gorilla project for Bristol Zoo’s 175th Anniversary, the Swans of Wells and the Mail Me Art Short and Sweet book project as well as creating the very popular Collaboration Nation project which featured almost a hundred artists.

His art has also been featured in a number of publications including Color Ink Book, Digital Artist magazine, It’s a Trap, Fiasco Magazine and Paper Publication.

Clients include: