Mithi Shafiq


Little Bengali Mithi was transplanted at age six-months from the country of her birth, to the muticultural multitudes of Malaysia.

Drawing, and painting, and making almost non-stop from when she was a wee-nipper, till she hit her late teens; her curiousity about the way the world worked then got the better of her, and she went off to study science in the world’s most cosmopolitan city, London; and soon become a fully-fledged Dr-Scientist-PhD-PleaseThankYouVeryMuch.

Her creative pursuits during this time also shifted from drawing to dancing and she spent many a chilly London night boogie-ing herself silly at London’s many jazz, blues, swing (and sometimes tango) clubs.

In 2005 she decided that despite how much she loved science, she couldn’t really bare to spend the rest of her life in a laboratory … and promptly threw it all in and decided to go back to her first passion for art …

She has graduated from re-training as an illustrator in Bristol, UK; spends a lot of time thinking up quirky collaborations with her engineer-turned-industrial designer husband; geeking over all things vintage and retro; still dancing (and teaching dancing), and still loving science … Her illustrations tend towards the happy and joyful (just like her personality!) with wherever possible including some hand drawn typography.

Clients include: