Hannah Postlethwaite


Hannah graduated from University College Falmouth in 2008 with a B/A Hons in Illustration.

Having been on a voyage of discovery that has spanned across Cumbria (her homeland), BC, Canada and the Italian Dolomites, she landed in Bristol intent on seeking her fortune as a busy and important illustrator and creator of handmade goodies.

Her work is fueled by a variety of influences – her travels and every day experience for one – and the sheer delight of simply creating. Hannah’s illustration work incorporates lively, linear drawing, hand rendered typography and collage. She views it as an exploratory tool for further understanding subject matter on recurring themes such as travel, science and philosophy, with the occasional injection of silliness and fun.

Keep an eye out for her beautiful illustrated products, which include greetings cards and prints, bunting and cushions, t-shirts and accessories.

Clients include: