Hannah Bailey


Hannah Bailey grew up in the beautiful Quantock Hills, Somerset. From the day she could hold a pencil she would write and illustrate stories, using great quantities of sugar paper and staples, and never finishing the book. Hannah was astonished at the age of seventeen to discover that she could take a degree in illustration and hastily sped to Brighton to do so.

After graduating from the University of Brighton, she moved to Bristol and has been unable to tear herself away since, settling into life as a freelance Illustrator and avid vegetable-patch gardener.

Hannah’s work is riddled with wordplays, often involving mazes and puzzles. She loves hiding things and playing tricks. She especially loves map-drawing, of gardens, castles and imagined landscapes, and does so in a mix of cut-outs, stencils and wonky lines, with black ink and gouache. Usually working in black and white she occasionally adds splashes of colour to bring her drawings to life. She loves a challenge and trying out new things, and these days, always finishes the book.

Clients include: