Abi Ponton


Abi is never without a sketchbook. Her little birdbrain is always brimming with creativity, which she may need to jot down or sketch out at any moment. She is constantly devising and working on many projects at one time, as she believes a good idea should always be followed through.

Her folky style stems from her natural way of drawing and love of colour and pattern. Her work is made up of charismatic doodles, simple shapes, blocks of colour and hand drawn patterns.

She often hides in quiet corners of museums where she can find inspiration and drawing material from stuffed animals, historical artifacts, ceramics or geological displays.

She works in a range of media, sticking mostly to pen, Photoshop and collage, but also paints, prints, makes sculptures and has even been known to nail rubber ducks to a canvas in the name of art.

Working under the alias Pigeon, her work pops up all over Bristol in shops, cafes, markets and exhibitions and she is always keen to be part of new and interesting projects.